Products With Asbestos

Even though in the early 20th century asbestos related health hazards were documented, companies continued to use this dangerous product in their manufacturing up until the 1980’s. This unfortunately exposed millions of people to asbestos, causing them potential harm and putting them at a high risk for mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases.

Investigating Mesothelioma Cases For Litigation

It is our job at the Throneberry Law Group to make the connection between mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. We take a thorough history of each one of our patients, including life activities and work history, in order to define potential sources of asbestos exposure. We use this information to assist clients in suing for financial compensation to cover the overwhelming costs of medical care for mesothelioma and other related asbestos diseases including lung cancer, pleural disease and asbestosis.

Companies That Have Known Connections With Asbestos

For a large number of mesothelioma patients, our investigation reveals multiple sources of possible asbestos exposures. We work quickly to identify which products or work sites that have known connections with asbestos, and will use that information to narrow down the exact employers or companies that used, sold or manufactured the products.

Below is a list of some of the established companies that have known links to asbestos. No other firm is as diligent and committed to securing the financial compensation you need to cover lost wages, extensive medical care and pain and suffering.

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A. P. Green Industries
A.B.B. Lummus Global Inc.
A.F. Supply Corporation
A.P. Green Services, Inc.
A.W. Chesterton Company
AAA Smolka Co.
ABB Lummus Global Inc.
ABEX Corporation
AGCO Corporation
Alfa Laval, Inc.
Allis-Chalmers Corporation
Amatex Corporation
American Asbestos Company
American Cyanamid
American Foreign Steamship
American Home Products
American International Co.
American Olean Tile Co.
American Saturated Felt
American Standard, Inc.
Armstrong World Industries
AT&T Corp.
Atlas Turner, Inc.
Atlas Valve Company Inc.
Aurora Pump
AVCO Corp.

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Babcock and Wilcox
Beach-Russ Company
Beckett Corporation
Bell & Gossett Co.
Bell Asbestos Mines
Bell Atlantic Corp.
Bendix Corporation
Bergen Tile & Linoleum
Bestwall Gypsum
Bird Incorporated
Blackman Plumbing Supply
Blackman Supply
Borg Warner Company
Borg Warner Security Corp.
Burnham Corporation

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C. E. Thurston & Sons
Capital Gypsum
Carlin Combustion Technology
Carrier Corporation
Carrier Corporation, individually and as successor-in-interest to Bryant Heating & Manufacturing Co
Carver Pump Company
CBS Inc.
Central Pipe Supply
CertainTeed Corporation
Chase Manhattan Bank
Chevron Shipping Co.
Chicago Bridge & Iron Company
Chiquita Brands International
Chrysler Corporation
Cleaver Brooks
Coltec Industries
Colubmia Boiler
Combustion Engineering
Con Edison
Congoleum Corporation
Consolidated Edison of New York
Consolidated Rail Corp.
Cooper Industries, Inc.
Courter & Company
Crane Co.
Crane Company
Crocker-Wheeler Company
Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc.
Crown Cork & Seal USA, Inc.
Cypress Plumbing & Heating

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D.W.W. & Associates
DAL-Tile International
Dana Corporation
Davis & Warshow, Inc.
DeKalb Tile Company
Delaware and Hudson Rail
Delphi Corporation
Dereco Inc.
Dial Corp.
Donlee Technologies
Dover Corporation
Dunham-Bush, Inc.
Durabla Manufacturing Company
Duro Dyne Corporation

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E.J. Bartells Co.
Eagle Picher Industries Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
Ehret Magnesia
Eigen Supply Company
Elliott Company, a/k/a Elliott Turbomachinery Co., Inc.
Elm Supply Co. Inc.
Empire Ace Insulation Man
Enpro Industries, Inc.
Ericcson, Inc.
Evcon Industries

F [Back To Top]

F.M. Charlton Company, Inc.
Fairbanks Morse Engine
Fairbanks-Morse Pump Corporation
Farwest Insulation Contractors
Federal Boiler Company
Federal Mogul Corporation
Fitzgibbons Boiler Company
Flexitallic Gasket Company
Flowserve Corporation
FMC Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Forty Eight Insulations Inc.
Foster Wheeler
Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation

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G&G Seal Co.
GAF Corporation
Gardner Denver, Inc.
Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC
General Electric Company
General Electric Supply Co.
General Motors
General Refractories Company
George A. Fuller Corp.
Georgia Pacific
Gilmour Supply Company
Gold Bond
Goulds Pumps (IPG), Inc.
Grant Wilson, Inc.
Graybar Electric Company
Guard-Line, Inc.
Gustin-Bacon Division

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H. K. Porter Inc.
H.B. Smith Company Incorporated
Hanson Permanente Cement, Inc. ( Kaiser Cement Corporation )
Harbison-Walker Refractory
Hardie-Tynes Co., Inc.
Harris-Tarkett, Inc.
Henry Technologies, Inc., f/k/a Henry Valve Co.
Henry Vogt Machine Co.
Hercules Chemical Company, Inc.
Hobb Electrical Supply
Homasote Company
Honeywell Heating
Howden Buffalo, Inc. (American Blower Co.)
Hydrotherm, Inc.

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IMO Industries
IMO Industries, Inc.
Ingersoll Rand
Insulation Supply Corp.
International Paper Company
ITT Corporation
ITT Grinell Corp.
ITT Sheraton Corp.

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J.H. France Refractories Company
J.T . Thorpe & Son, Inc.
Jacuzzi Brands, Inc.
John Crane, Inc.
John Zink Company, LLC
Johns Manville
Johnston Boiler
Joseph A. Hendel, Inc.

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Kaiser Aluminum
Kaiser Gypsum Company, Inc.
Keene Corporation
Kelly Moore Paint Co.
Kentile Floors, Inc.
Kew-Forrest Plumbing & Heating
King Dandorf Insulation
Klauser Supply Co.
Kohler Co.

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LAS Replacement Parts, Inc.
Lenox Group
Leslie Controls, Inc.
Liberty Plumbing & Heating
Lincoln Electric Company
Loews Corp.
Long Island Railroad
Lykes Bros. Steamship Co.

M [Back To Top]

M.H. Detrick Company
Manco Inc.
Marine Transport Lines
McNally Industries, Inc.
Mestek Inc.
Metalclad Insulation Corporation
Metro-North Railroad
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing
Mobil Oil Corperation
Mormac Marine Group
Murphy Valve

N [Back To Top]

National Bulk Carriers
National Gypsum Company (Gold Bond)
Navistar International Corp.
Nicolet Keasby & Mattison
North American Refractories
Northrop Grumman Corporation, ( Newport News Shipbuilding )

O [Back To Top]

Oak Fabco
Okonite Company
Owens Corning Fiberglass
Owens Illinois
Owens-Corning Fiberglas/Owens-Illinois

P [Back To Top]

Pacific Steel Boiler Corp.
Packings and Insulation
Pacor Incorporated
Parker-Hannifin Corporation ( Dennison Engineering )
Parsons Plumbing Supply
PCC Flow Technologies Holdings, Inc. ( Johnston Pump Company )
Peerless Heater Co.
Peerless Industries Company, Inc.
Peerless Pump Company, Inc.
Penn Central Corporation
Pentair, Inc.
Phelps Dodge Company
Phillip Carey Manufacturing
Phillips Petroleum
PIC Contractors
Pittsburg Corning Company (Unibestos)
Pittsburgh Corning
Plant Insulation Company
Plant Products & Supply Co.
Plibrico Company
Porter Hayden Company
Preferred Utilities Manufacturers
Proko Industries Inc.

Q [Back To Top]

Quaker Chemical Corporation
Quigley Company, Inc.
Quimby Equipment Co., Inc.
Quintec Industries, Inc.

R [Back To Top]

Raisler Corporation
Rapid American (Philip Carey Mft. Co.)
Raymark Industries
Reynolds Metals Company
Rheem-Manufacturing Company
Riley Stoker Corp.
Robert A. Keasbey Co.
Rock Wool Manufacturing Co.
Roddis Craft
Roddis Plywood & Door Co.
Rutland Fire & Clay Company

S [Back To Top]

Saberhagen Holdings, Inc. (Tacoma Asbestos Company and The Brower Company)
Schutte & Koerting, Inc.
Selby Battersby & Company
Sepco Corporation
Serve Well Plumbing & Heating
Sheridan Plumbing & Heating
Sherwood Davis & Geck
Shipley Oil Co.
Shook and Fletcher
Skinner Engine Company
Smolka Co.
Spirax Sarco, Inc.
Sprague Products, a division of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation
Sterling Fluid Systems (Peerless Pump Company)
Stewart Warner Corporation
Stone & Webster Engineering
Superior Boiler Company
Swenson Technology, Inc.
Syd Carpenter Marine Contractor, Inc.
Synkoloid Company

T [Back To Top]

T&A Valve & Fitting Inc.
T&N Industries
TACO, Inc.
Tarkett Floor Company
Texaco Marine Services
The Anchor Packing Co.
The Dial Corporation
The Equitable Company
The Flintkote Company
The Fulton Companies ( Fulton Boiler Works )
The Gorman-Rupp Company ( Patterson Pump Company, and C.H. Wheeler )
The Nash Engineering Company, Inc.
The Trane Company
The Turner Corporation
Thomas Dee Engineering Co., Inc.
Thorpe Insulation Company
Tishman Construction Corp.
Tishman Liquidation Corp.
Todd’s Shipyard
Toyota Motors
Treadwell Corporation
Triangle Sheet Metal Workers
Trinidad Corporation
Turner Construction Company
Tuthill Corporation ( Westinghouse Electric Corporation and BF Sturtevant )
Tyco Flow Control, Inc. ( Yarway Corporation )

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U.S. Mineral Products
U.S. Plywood Corporation
Unarco (UNR)
Union Carbide
Union Carbide Chemicals
Union Carbide Corporation
Uniroyal, Inc.
United States Gypsum Company
Utility Manufacturing Co.

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Viacom, Inc.
VIAD Corp (The Dial Corporation and Griscom-Russell Company)
Viking Pump, Inc., a Unit of IDEX Corporation

W [Back To Top]

W.R. Grace
W.R. Grace/Zonolite Company
Warren Pumps, Inc.
Weil McLain
Wesco Distribution Inc.
Western Macarthur
Westinghouse Electric
Westinghouse Electric Supply
Worthington Corporation

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Yarway Corporation
York International Corp