Railroad Employees And Asbestos

Asbestos Exposure Linked To Railroad Occupations

Up until the 1970’s, and by some accounts even up until the 1990’s, railroad companies used asbestos contaminated products in order to manufacture railroad parts or repair them. The railroad industry is well known for its widespread use of asbestos before it was outlawed, and some reports even indicate that the railroad companies continued to use asbestos after that. This led to the exposure of millions of American workers to this dangerous and toxic substance.

Mesothelioma And Railroad Workers

Railroad employees frequently came into contact with asbestos contaminated products in repair facilities, back shops or the roundhouse. When inhaled, asbestos fibers can attach themselves to the lining on the inside of the lungs. This can cause mesothelioma, a deadly type of cancer that is unique to asbestos exposure. Because of the prevalence of asbestos in the railroad industry, many railroad employees have been diagnosed with mesothelioma years later. Below is a list of examples of specific railroad jobs where the risk of exposure to asbestos was high.

We Know How Difficult Mesothelioma Is

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Railroad Jobs Linked To Exposure To Asbestos

  • Railroad Lagger
  • Railroad Mechanic
  • Railroad Oiler
  • RR Forger
  • Railroad Car Repairman
  • Railroad Fire Box Installer
  • RR Blacksmith
  • RR Burner
  • RR Brakeman
  • Roundhouse Worker
  • Railroad Back shop Worker
  • Railroad Repair Facility Worker
  • Railroad Supply House Worker
  • Railroad Fireman
  • Railroad Car Construction Worker
  • RR Welder
  • RR Steamfitter
  • RR Pipefitter
  • Railroad Insulator
  • Railroad Boilermaker
  • Railroad Plumber
  • Worker in Railroad Repair Shop
  • Railroad Grinding Room Worker
  • RR Brake Line Worker
  • RR Shoe & Brake Installer
  • Railroad Workers in or around Grinding Room or Grinder
  • RR Brake Line and Shoe Repairman
  • Railroad Pipe Insulator