Sri Lanka Bans Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Imports

Sri Lanka health officials recently announced that the small island nation will ban imports of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder until such time the government can perform tests to confirm the products are free from cancer-causing asbestos. The import ban comes a short time after the import company’s license expired in January and a scathing report from Reuters revealed the company may have known for decades about the possible risk of asbestos contaminating its talc supplies.

“We have held their re-registration and informed the distributor to submit quality reports from an accredited laboratory to ensure there is no asbestos in their products,” said Mr. Jayasingh, chief executive of Sri Lanka’s National Medicine Regulatory Authority (NMRA). A.Baur & Co. is the company in charge of importing Johnson & Johnson talcum powder into Sri Lanka, while J&J India is tasked with handling regulatory matters in the nation.

Meanwhile in the U.S., Johnson & Johnson and its supplier, Imerys Talc USA, face a whole new slew of trials this year over allegations it manufactured cosmetics products like Baby Powder and Shower to Shower with asbestos-contaminated talc. In 2018, juries across the country handed down over $5 billion in compensatory and punitive damages to plaintiffs who claimed the pharmaceutical and cosmetics giant new fully well the dangers its products posed to consumers but did nothing to warn of possible harm.

Although talc does not contain asbestos itself, the two substances are both naturally occurring minerals and deposits of each may be found side by side one another, creating the danger for contamination if reasonable safety precautions are not followed. While Johnson & Johnson claims its talc-based products are safe and its asbestos detection methods have improved over time, the truth is that only a small fraction of the company’s talc is tested.

Asbestos exposure is directly linked to developing mesothelioma, a rare and deadly form of cancer that commonly forms tumors in thin linings of tissue surrounding vital organs like the lungs, heart, and abdominal cavity. To complicate matters, it can take anywhere from 20 to 50 years before mesothelioma symptoms present themselves, leaving most patients with severely diminished treatment options to fight the disease.

When companies like Johnson & Johnson place products into the stream of commerce that they know to be dangerous, the law gives injured victims the right to file mesothelioma cancer lawsuits and recover compensation for the harm they have suffered. By filing an asbestos cancer lawsuit, plaintiffs can recoup money for hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages while recovering, and the physical pain and suffering of living with the terminal disease.

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