Treatment For Mesothelioma

There’s Hope For A Longer, Higher Quality Of Life

Options For Treatment When You’re Diagnosed With Mesothelioma

It is possible to survive for years with mesothelioma if the disease is caught and treated early. Just decades ago, this was not even an option. Advances in medical technology are extending life even in the later stages of asbestos cancer, and can help victims manage pain efficiently and stay comfortable in the end stages.

Once you consult with us, we go to work connecting you with the best mesothelioma specialists as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get you prompt medical treatment by providers that work especially with mesothelioma patients.

Because mesothelioma is so hard to detect and diagnose when the symptoms first start appearing, this causes the disease to progress quickly without treatment. Although there are many more treatment options when the disease is diagnosed early, treatment can begin at almost any stage and may help mesothelioma patients live more active, pain free lives for longer.

In the first stages of mesothelioma, medical treatment focuses on reducing the number of cancer cells, while in the later stages of the disease, medical treatment focuses more on making the patient comfortable.

Surgery – Depending on the patient’s age, health states and what stage the cancer is in, surgery might be a good option to remove tumors and cancerous tissue around the lungs and diaphragm. However, since these types of surgery are more complex, not all hospitals and doctors are willing or able to perform them. Some surgical procedures, such as paracentesis, are considered “palliative” and while they do not necessarily extend the life expectancy of the patient, they can relieve much of the discomfort and pain associated with the disease. Every patient must be screened before each surgical procedure to determine if he or she is a good candidate for the procedure and to discuss benefits and risks.

Radiation – Although radiation treatment has not been very successful at increasing life expectancy of meso patients, it can help reduce tumor size and discomfort experienced by the patient. It is challenging to deliver just the right dose of radiation that kills as much cancerous tissue as possible while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy organs and tissues. Reducing the amount of radiation may reduce the side effects of radiation therapy, however, this also makes the treatment less effective.

Drug Therapy & Chemotherapy – Another common way to treat mesothelioma is chemotherapy. A combination of both chemo and other mesothelioma medications have been shown to be effective at increasing life expectancy, especially when used in conjunction with surgical procedures.

Multi-Modal Therapy – A combination of surgical removal of cancerous tissue, radiation therapy and chemotherapy is likely to yield the greatest results, if the patient is able to tolerate such aggressive treatment.

Pain Management – Mesothelioma is an exceptionally painful disease, especially as it progresses into the later stages. Pain management is a critical aspect of mesothelioma care. Most meso patients require powerful pain medications to reduce pain enough to function and live their lives.
We Work Hard To Secure Medical Coverage

Treatment for mesothelioma is expensive. We are experienced in tracking down the original source of asbestos exposure, so we can pursue full and fair compensation on your behalf in order to cover the vast medical expenses associated with meso treatment. Our attorneys will travel to you, and are available to assist both victims and caregivers.

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